On-going Transactions



AEPB as a service oriented organization is saddled with the responsibility of amongst other thing evacuation of waste, maintenance of sewer lines within the FCC. These services are provided to the residents of FCC for a fee, hence the issuance of waste service bills.

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board was established in 1997 through the AEPB Act of 1997, although the Board’s activities commenced in 1989.


  • The Abuja Environmental Protection Board, it’s Departments, Units and Sections through public and private sector participation addresses public and environmental health needs of the residents through the provision of prompt and efficient services;
  • Generally, AEPB provide services that have been shared among its service Departments under the following functions;
  • Enforcement of all environmental legislation and abatement of all forms of environmental degradation and nuisance.
  • Minimization of impact of physical development on the ecosystem.
  • Preservation, conservation and restoration to pre-impact status all ecological processes essential for the preservation of biological diversity.
  • Protection and improvement in air, water, land, forest and wildlife in the ecology of the FCT.
  • Municipal Liquid and Solid waste Collection and Disposal/Sanitation Management Services including i.e. connection of plot to the Central Sewer line.
  • Pollution control and Environmental Health – Fumigation and Vector Control Services.


  • A fast growing population
  • Rapid economic development and urbanization
  • Rising levels of disposable income
  • Recycling of the waste paper to create new different raw material
  • Today, most areas of the city still see annual growth of 35%, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the world