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Zungeru hydropower project is a 700MW hydroelectric facility being built with Chinese assistance on the upper and middle reaches of Kaduna River in the Niger State of Nigeria. The project is estimated to cost $1.3bn. Zungeru is the biggest hydropower project under construction in Nigeria. It is also one of the biggest power projects in Africa to avail preferential loan facility from the Export-Import Bank (Exim Bank) of China.


  • The Zungeru project is estimated to generate 2.64 billion kWh of electricity a year, which will meet close to 10% of Nigeria’s total domestic energy needs.
  • It will provide flood control, irrigation, as well as water supply and fish breeding facilities.
  • The project is expected to provide employment opportunities to more than 2,000 people during the peak construction period


The Zungeru hydroelectric project site is located on the Kaduna River near Zungelu in the Niger State, approximately 150km away from Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.


  • With its four 175 MW hydroelectric turbines, Zungeru is the largest power plant financing project in sub-Saharan Africa
  • The underground powerhouse of the facility will be equipped with four hydro turbine and generator units rated 175MW each.”
  • The Zungeru hydropower project will provide power generation, flood protection and water for irrigation. The project includes a roller-concrete compacted dam (90 meters in height and 1,090 meters in length), an intake tower and diversion tunnel, underground powerhouse, power transmission line and access road.