The department is divided into three Units as follows:

  1. Labour Matters
  2. Impact Assessment and Non-Performing Enterprises and
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation and Delisting

Core Duties
The Post Transaction Management Department is responsible for the following activities:

  1. To monitor and enforce compliance of investors in fulfilling the legally binding covenants as stipulated in the Share Sales Purchase Agreement (SSPA).
  2. To implement full compliance with these covenants including the implementation of the approved Post Acquisition Plans (PAP).
  3. To assess how privatization has impacted on the privatized enterprises and the national economy generally and conduct post-transaction studies in collaboration with the Strategic Planning Unit.
  4. To collate, maintain and secure all relevant records as regards to the Bureau’s concluded transactions.
  5. To list some companies on the stock exchange and address all labour issues arising from privatization exercise in the bureau