1. Social Infrastructure Unit;
  2. Physical Infrastructure Unit; and
  3. Public Asset Optimisation Unit.

Core Duties
I & PPP Department is entrusted with the responsibility of:

  1. Developing framework for Public Private Partnership projects in compliance with BPE’s Procedure Manual, National PPP Policy (N4P) and in line with international best practice;
  2. Assessing the current status and performance of key infrastructure in the relevant sectors of the economy in collaboration with the MDAs and other relevant stakeholders  to identify, prioritise, and select those that can be undertaken through PPP;
  3. Providing technical assistance to MDAs or Project sponsors in conducting option analysis, affordability test, negotiating/re-negotiating of all PPP projects using appropriate financial models to ensure viability and Value for Money (VfM);
  4. Analyzing all PPP projects with a view to determining the participation of each party in the procurement arrangement;
  5. Driving the transaction process for all the PPP projects in the country in accordance with the BPE’s procedure and ICRC guidelines up to the emergence of a preferred concessionaire or private sector party; and
  6. Evaluating PPP projects performance in collaboration with the concerned MDAs and ICRC.

Enterprises include:
Enterprises under the Department cut across all sectors of the economy but principally in the infrastructure space (both physical and social services).

Transactions Achievements
Currently working on two transactions – Free Trade Zones and Reform of the Health Sector

Future Transactions
All brown and green field infrastructure projects (e.g. Railways concession, concession of roads, Transmission Company of Nigeria,  housing etc

Also incorporated in this department is the Transport Unit

Core Duties
Transport Department is entrusted with the responsibility of:

  1. Reforming the Transport Sector by embarking on carrying out Legal and Regulatory framework activities;
  2. Restructuring the Transport Sector while taking into cognizance all the enterprises slated for Privatisation in the Sector;
  3. Concession the transport sector using the Private Sector participation; and
  4. Introduction of Sector Regulators

Enterprises in the transport sector include:

  1. Rails,
  2. Roads,
  3. Airports,
  4. Marine (The Nigerian Ports Authority NPA and National Inland Waterways NIWA).


  1. Marine Unit
  2. Aviation Unit
  3. Road Unit
  4. Rail Unit

Transactions Achievements

  1. Concession of  24 Nigerian Ports  in accordance with the concession programme in 2005
  2. Privatized SAHCOL one of the subsidiaries of Nigerian Airways Ltd in 2009
  3. In 2002 NCP approved for the reform and concession of Nigeria railway Corporation (NRC) to private operators to provide freight and passenger railway services using vertical integration. This Enterprise is also slated for concession.
  4. In the process of finalizing the privatisation of Skycat Ltd and Terminal ‘B’ Warri old Port
  5. Carrying out public sector Reform that will lead to the emergence of legislation which will ensure judicious utilization of resources for the benefits of all; e.g. Federal Roads Agency, Road Fund Bills etc.
  6. We are also ensuring the establishment of a regulatory body (National Transport Commission) for the sector.
  7. Concession of the Warri Old Port Terminal is being finalized with the emergence of Messrs Ocean and Cargo sa the preferred bidder.

Prospective Transactions

  1. Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport
  2. Murtala Muhammed International Airport
  3. Aminu Kano International Airport
  4. PortHarcourt International Airport

Also, the privatisation of Skypower Catering and Hotel Services (SKYCAT)

Other prospective transaction are:

  • NIWA in Marine
  • The East and West Narrow Guage Railway Units concession

In Road Unit, The Road Sector Concession transaction is awaiting the passage of the Road Bills by the National Assembly.